grass-fed-meat-img-1Wacholz farm is a century farm and has the character of it’s age. My grandparents had a dairy herd, hogs, and chickens on the farm and the animals were given the ability to roam, rut and graze at their leisure. Crops that were grown were generally kept for the animals to consume during winter.  I always enjoyed helping out on the farm from baling hay, harvesting crops, to picking wild berries.
This farm has beautiful trees throughout, most notable are the 7 old cottonwood trees that stand 80+ feet tall and are in a straight line in the south pasture.

Wacholz Farm-2
Today, diversity is still the focus on our small farm. Many of the acres are in pasture or forage production for the livestock. The focus with our cattle and hogs is to raise them in accordance with nature. Since cattle are herbivores we feed them only fresh pasture and bales of hay in the winter. This means we do not feed any corn or small grains to our cattle. The hogs which are omnivores, can eat a variety in their diet. Knowing this we feed our hogs soaked oats, apples, and pasture. The pasture gives hogs the ability to use their powerful snouts for rooting and scavenging.


This truly makes the hogs happy. Our farm strives to bring you authentic, high quality, nutrient dense meat! We welcome you to come out and see the cattle and hogs moving around on fields of fresh salad bar.


  • To merge land and animal together in order to bring our consumers nutrient superior meats.


  • Wacholz Farm aims to connect consumers with high quality Grass-fed meats through responsible farming practices.


  • Ethical practices;
  • Integrity and honesty;
  • No GMO products;
  • Biological balance of soils;
  • Sustainable farming methods;
  • Humane animal handling.

Words from the farmer:

My name is Cazzi Wacholz and I’m a grass farmer with a strong passion for producing healthy, clean, un-compromised livestock. After working some years in the health/fitness industry I’ve learned the best way to fight chronic illness and promote dynamic health is through high quality foods from high quality soil. When given the chance to farm my grandparent’s land I was honored. I took this opportunity to be a steward of the land and share it with livestock.        
When making decisions about how the operation would run, the animal came first. I put myself in the animals position and thought to myself “what environment would make them happy and satisfied?”  The answer was outside on fields of grass and room to express themselves.             
Meat is the cornerstone in most people’s diet because it satisfies and plays a vital role in energy, strength, and  repair. What should be noted is the vital role saturated animal fat plays. Saturated fat is needed for cellular repair and hormone regulation.  but this fat is only good if it is clean. Fats attract toxins, so beef fed grains that are genetically modified are compromised. With grass-fed animals this isn’t an issue because grass/legumes aren’t genetically altered or sprayed with chemicals.

Continuing education in sustainable agriculture is my focus and is ongoing. I believe in being open and honest with my customers on all my practices and encourage you to ask any questions you may have. Know your nutrition grass-fed meats!

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