April 11, 2019

I recently visited an old time farmer down in Southeast Iowa to look, know, and talk about his Chester White breeding stock.

I raise primarily Berkshire / Red Wattle / Duroc Cross pigs, but have been in search of a breed that would improve my maternal ability. The Chester White breed is an American heritage breed known for its ruggedness, mothering ability, high conception rates, and meat quality. Some consider it...

October 31, 2018

Fall Grazing

It has been a wonderful growing season on Wacholz Farm. Timely rains, lots of bright sun, and warm temperatures have been ideal for pasture growth. Here the mob of cattle (South Poll, Angus and Red Devon) are grazing annuals consisting of Japanese millet, Italian ryegrass, red clover, and rapeseed.

This is high energy feed for this time of year and perfect for putting on those final pounds on the grass...

May 16, 2018

Our grass-fed beef and lamb are available late summer through fall each year. Many inquiring customers wonder why this is. This is a good and interesting question that I will explain why.

First of all, like vegetables and fruits, beef and lamb can and should be seasonal. Buying beef and lamb in season not only supports the natural life cycle of the animals, but it also improves flavor and texture.

Our cattle and she...

March 8, 2018

High Density Grazing is the grazing management style that I´ve implemented on Wacholz Farm. How it works? Is the cattle are moved frequently to new areas of grass with portable electric wire. Moving cattle in large tight groups provides a herd effect on the land. This is comparable to a massage as it stimulates the biological system. The key is not to leave the large tight herd in one cell/paddock/area for too lon...

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