March 30, 2018

Spring farrowing has commenced on Wacholz Farm. Thursday, March 15th we had on our 1st litter of six from a Hereford/Duroc gilt (first time mother). We sired her with a Berkshire/Red wattle Boar. These piglets will be very vigorous and have lots of vitality. This is a good mother as she is very careful with her young and nudges them off to the side before she lies down.

I recently converted my pig barn with farrowi...

March 8, 2018

High Density Grazing is the grazing management style that I´ve implemented on Wacholz Farm. How it works? Is the cattle are moved frequently to new areas of grass with portable electric wire. Moving cattle in large tight groups provides a herd effect on the land. This is comparable to a massage as it stimulates the biological system. The key is not to leave the large tight herd in one cell/paddock/area for too lon...

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