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  • 100% grass-fed/grass finished

  • No antibiotics

  • No artificial ingredients

  • Full of flavor and nutrient dense

100% Grass-fed ground beef is easily the most versatile product we offer.
Ground beef is wonderful to have around as it´s easy to grill up, loaf, stir fry, etc. When you are tired at night and don´t feel like cooking a fancy meal, ground beef is perfect. Also for you Paleo eaters out there ground beef is nice to have around and a perfect complement to sweet potatoes.


Our Ground beef is a nutrient dense with healthy fats. The perfect choice for supporting your health and lifestyle.

Selling information

Ground beef comes in 1lb. package and is sold by the pound. Our ground beef packages are as follows:

  • Minimum 25/lbs. - $6.65lb.


Beef roasts comes in packages and is sold by pound.

  • Beef Roasts: $7.75/lb.

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For pricing and questions, please call

Cazzi Wacholz (303) 912-1499

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