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The Farmer

My name is Cazzi Wacholz and I grew up and was raised on this farm. My grandfather was diversified and milked cows, farrowed pigs, had laying hens and crops. My father has primarily raised row crops all his life.


After High School I wasn´t interested in farming, went to College and moved away from my roots to explore different avenues of life. It was through working in the health and fitness industry in Colorado that I realized I wanted to come back home to the farm and raise pastured cattle, hogs, sheep and chickens.


Eating humanely treated grass-fed meats improved my health in my early 30´s. So this motivated me to want sharing this with other people. Farming sustainably and improving the land is my focus. It brings me great joy to work with animals and share my experiences with others.


My main goal is to empower customers by providing quality grass-fed meats and being honest and open with them regarding all my practices.

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