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Beef / Pork / Lamb

Beef, pork and lamb are priced by the pound hanging weight. The actual hanging weight is derived at the local meat locker and that weight is then multiplied by the price per lb.

Payment for the animal portion is due before pick up from the meat processor.


Our chickens have been processed and the price per lb. includes processing. 

Processing Pricing

Butcher shop processing charges are separate from the purchase of the animal portion on beef, pork and lamb. This charge is also by the pound hanging weight. Processing charges for beef, pork and lamb vary depending on the size of the animal and the portion size you order (quarter, half and whole).

The local Butcher shop can answer all your questions and give you options when giving your custom cutting order. Processing fees are paid at time of pick up or by phone if you have your order arranged for delivery.

For pricing and questions, please call

Cazzi Wacholz (303) 912-1499

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