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If you are trying to decide on what pastured meat to try first at Wacholz Farm, I recommend our pastured pork. Because of the breeds and environment that our pigs live, our pork tastes are very different of the stores /groceries.

Berkshire, Red Wattle, Hereford and Duroc heritage hogs are what we raise at Wacholz Farm. These breeds are known for their meat quality and flavor. Our pigs are born and raised on soil and are fed non-gmo grains in addition to pasture.



  • Non- GMO grains!

  • Better taste and more nutritious pork

  • More vitamins and minerals

  • Quality eating experience!

Selling information

  • Sold by halves and whole hog. Hogs are harvested in the 300lb. live range. 

  • Pork is $2.0/lb. hanging weight for Fall 2022. Hanging weight is derived at the local processor/butcher shop.

Approximate hanging weights range from:

Whole: 200 – 250 lbs

Half: 100 – 125 lbs

  • Whole hog will yield approx. 150+ lbs. of pork and a half hog approx 75 lbs. of pork.

  • On average cut and wrapped meat requires 1 cubic foot of freezer space for each 35 lbs. of meat. A whole hog will require 4 cubic feet and a half hog 2 cubic feet.

  • Processing charges are separate from the purchase of the hog. Generally a whole hog range from $225 - $275. The more basic the cut, the lower the processing costs.

  • Cuts from a hog include: roasts, chops, steaks, strips, cutlets, tenderloin, sausage, ham, bacon, fresh side pork, etc.

  • Our local processor can give you all the details on your processing questions. $50 deposit required per half hog order.


Ground pork comes in 1lb. package and is sold by the pound. Our ground pork packages are as follows:

  • 25lbs. - $5.00/lb.

Pork roasts comes in packages and is sold by pound.

  • Pork Roasts: $7.00/lb.


For pricing and questions, please call

Cazzi Wacholz (303) 912-1499

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