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Pastured Pork

Wacholz Farm

The fall season is coming and with it the best pastured pork meat!


Benefits of the pastured pork of Wacholz Farm:

  • Non-GMO grains!

  • Better taste and more nutritious pork

  • More vitamins and minerals

  • Quality eating experience!

Get your pastured pork now:

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Our purchase process is very simple:

1. Place order
2. A deposit invoice will be mailed or emailed to you regarding all the sale details.
3. Wacholz Farm will notify you of the date the meat will be taken to the butcher shop.
4. You will contact the butcher shop and tell them how you want your purchased portion custom processed on the date.
5. An invoice will be mailed or emailed on the balance due on the meat. Payment is due prior to picking up meat at the butcher shop.
6. When your order is finished the butcher shop will contact you. Payment for processing is due at the time of meat pick up.

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