April 5, 2018

This was the scene today – April 04th. Things look more like early March around here. I recently had to move the sheep into the yard while lambing, due to all the storms and cold northwest winds we´ve been having. I think I may hold off lambing until mid-April going forward as our weather is so unpredictable here in Minnesota. I recall back to the spring of 2012 where we had grass green and a favorable weather wit...

March 30, 2018

Spring farrowing has commenced on Wacholz Farm. Thursday, March 15th we had on our 1st litter of six from a Hereford/Duroc gilt (first time mother). We sired her with a Berkshire/Red wattle Boar. These piglets will be very vigorous and have lots of vitality. This is a good mother as she is very careful with her young and nudges them off to the side before she lies down.

I recently converted my pig barn with farrowi...

March 8, 2018

High Density Grazing is the grazing management style that I´ve implemented on Wacholz Farm. How it works? Is the cattle are moved frequently to new areas of grass with portable electric wire. Moving cattle in large tight groups provides a herd effect on the land. This is comparable to a massage as it stimulates the biological system. The key is not to leave the large tight herd in one cell/paddock/area for too lon...

February 19, 2018

Here are some good reasons to eat Grass-fed meat:

1.    Health – We are what we eat! So it´s very important to eat animals that lived and ate in an environment that is true to their nature. With cattle and hogs, free range pasture is true to their nature.

2.    Humane Treatment – Grass-fed animals have the ability to move, play and be free outside in nature. This is the key to a low stress animal...

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Reasons to eat Grass-fed meats

February 19, 2018

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