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Chester White Pigs

Chester White Pigs

I recently visited an old time farmer down in Southeast Iowa to look, know, and talk about his Chester White breeding stock.

I raise primarily Berkshire / Red Wattle / Duroc Cross pigs, but have been in search of a breed that would improve my maternal ability. The Chester White breed is an American heritage breed known for its ruggedness, mothering ability, high conception rates, and meat quality. Some consider it to be the White Duroc.

So, my goal was to get some young female, gilts, from older lines that were known to have good meat quality and structurally sound animals. I came home with three and will breed them this month in hopes to have piglets in August. The thing I am impressed with is how easy they are to be around. They are very docile and have pleasant personalities. My Berkshires are a bit hyper and can be a challenge to be around during farrowing time.

Anyway, I am motivated to see how they adapt to our farm. Spring is here and I am very excited as everything is coming back to life!


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