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Reasons to eat Grass-fed meats

Here are some good reasons to eat Grass-fed meat:

1. Health – We are what we eat! So it´s very important to eat animals that lived and ate in an environment that is true to their nature. With cattle and hogs, free range pasture is true to their nature.

2. Humane Treatment – Grass-fed animals have the ability to move, play and be free outside in nature. This is the key to a low stress animal. Low stress is paramount when determining meat quality.

3. Support Local Farms – When you buy meat directly from small local farms, you are voting with your money to keep small farms alive. This is important as Corporate/Vertically integrated farming aims to control the market share.

4. Shortens Food Chain – When you buy your meat directly from the farm, you eliminate the middle level (buyers, grocery stores, etc). This equates to more transparency and less product movement.

5. Healing the Earth – Pasture based on farming with animals heals and nurtures the earth. This occurs through natural fertilization from the animals. In addition to this, less soil erosion, less water runoff and the ability to catch water and hold soil nutrients for future sustainability can be credited to grass with deep roots. I like to view animals as the catalysts in the system.

6. Promotes Biodiversity - Grass based/pasture farming of animals promotes an environment for many other species to live and thrive in. Example: birds, worms, friendly micro-organisms, small and large game. One could say this type of farming is life affirmative.

7. Cost Savings – Investing in Grass-fed meats (bulk purchase), in addition to living a healthy lifestyle will save you not only by the lb. for grass-fed meats but will also save you in health costs. Healthy food = Healthy body = Healthy mind!

8. Less Waste – Purchasing grass-fed beef will assure you of more bangs for your buck not only nutritionally but total product. Grass-fed cattle aren´t extremely fat like grain-fed cattle which can become excessively fat and the excess is disposed of as waste.

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