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Fall Grazing and Pigs in a Nest

Fall Grazing

It has been a wonderful growing season on Wacholz Farm. Timely rains, lots of bright sun, and warm temperatures have been ideal for pasture growth. Here the mob of cattle (South Poll, Angus and Red Devon) are grazing annuals consisting of Japanese millet, Italian ryegrass, red clover, and rapeseed.

This is high energy feed for this time of year and perfect for putting on those final pounds on the grass finished steers. In addition, grazing annuals gives the perennial pastures rest, so I can stockpile that to graze late into the fall season.

I run all the cattle as one large mob and move them daily. I have found that the larger the herd calmer becomes the cattle.

Pigs in a Nest

Here we have two sows with their two week old piglets in a nest ready to sleep for the night. With colder temperatures at night, these two sows built a nest and the little one sleep in the middle to keep warm. Very clever! I always enjoy seeing sights


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