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How does animal nutrition influence your health?

It is easy to realize that the concern of consumers with the origin of food has grown expressively in recent years. Quite rightly! The excessive use of pesticides and transgenics made food quality more challenging which has a direct impact on our health.

After all, just like we absorb the nutrients and the benefits of healthy foods, we can also acquire toxins from meats and vegetables with growing problems. Therefore, you must always be careful to the quality of what you are buying.

In this scenario, the production of grass-fed meat has become more and more prominent. By having a more natural production, it brings several benefits when incorporated into the diet. Do you want to know more about how animal nutrition influences your health? So check it out!

What is grass-fed meat?

Have you ever heard of "grass-fed" meat? This term means that animals consume only pasture, not grains and feeds, as it usually happens nowadays. The herds fed with soy and corn are usually taking transgenic grains with high pesticide rates applied during growing.

The animals "grass-fed" consume natural pasture consisting of grass, vegetables, and fruits which no artificial fertilizer is applied. The expression grass-fed can refer to pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, among others.

Because they ingest a greater diversity of natural foods, these animals are healthier than the average. That is because your diet includes all the nutritional groups needed for the proper functioning of your metabolism such as fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

This type of pasture feeding, besides being more faithful to nature of the herds and to their nutritional needs, also supports the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the animal as it contains the necessary enzymes for the digestive process.

But how does animal nutrition influence your health?

Animals that are fed by natural pasture have less tendency to suffer from diseases and infections caused by viruses and parasites that may affect the quality of their meat.

Moreover, because they feed on food-free from pesticides and toxins that are harmful to health, herds develop fewer hormonal, neurological and even cancer that may arise from contamination.

When we consume meats we absorb not only the nutrients, but also possible impurities that the animals have acquired throughout their lives. Therefore, grass-fed meat is so healthier. When buying this type of food, the consumer is assured that the meat is exempt from harmful

chemical residues to health.

The lack of chemical additives in the feeding of animals also helps the flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of the meat. In addition, herds raised free in natural pastures are less stressed which directly impacts on the quality of the final product.

Finally, by consuming grass-fed meat you will also be contributing to the preservation of the environment. After all, this production avoids soil and water contamination by pesticides and prevents soil impurities from affecting future growing.

Do you want to know more about grass-fed meat? Then visit our website and understand how our production is done!

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