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The heart of the matter article

We live in a time where many things are about new, improved, fast, easy, efficient, advanced technology, etc. People are processing more information and trying to adapt to this new age we live in which is changing faster than any time in our history. With all the demands placed on us today our bodies need sound nutrition. Let´s face it today´s food system isn´t heart felt, slow grown and passion driven to meet our bodies basic needs. Modern Agriculture is mega farms, fast paced industrialized, technology driven, fewer farmers, etc. You get my point! Food derived from this model lacks the depth and soundness to meet our needs.

My focus at our small farm is to be connected with the land. That means spending time with the animals, joining them and building trust by using humane practices and sharing the land with the animal instead of pinning them up in buildings. Letting animals harvest their food instead of using machines to harvest the food and feeding back to the animals in penned up buildings. Let them fertilize and condition the soil instead of purchasing and applying synthetic fertilizers. Let the animals be in nature taking in mother nature´s offerings instead of cement and artificial lights. Letting animals be in flocks, droves and herbs to form orders to peek and grow one close to other instead of separating and penning.

The feeling is a life generated from this model whether it´s beef, pork, lamb or chicken will offer you the quality of taste and nutritional eating experience that is needed. My goal is to build trust by using old fashioned farming principles and bringing you food that is superior quality. Slow grown food there´s nothing like the real thing.

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