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High Density Grazing

High Density Grazing is the grazing management style that I´ve implemented on Wacholz Farm. How it works? Is the cattle are moved frequently to new areas of grass with portable electric wire. Moving cattle in large tight groups provides a herd effect on the land. This is comparable to a massage as it stimulates the biological system. The key is not to leave the large tight herd in one cell/paddock/area for too long. This is known as overgrazing and will weaken the vigor and thickness of the Grass/legume stand.

The goal is to trample the grass that wasn´t grazed and not take more than 50% and leave 10% standing which provides wind protection for pasture and all life dwelling. In the pasture the manure and urine from the cattle is incorporated into the grass/alfafa pasture which creates a perfect environment for microbial growth which is the catalyst or driver of the nutrient flow and balance of the system. Cattle flourish on eating just the top portion of the plant which is where most of the energy is stored. During the growing season this is important to manage in order to keep the cattle vital. Quality pasture keeps cattle busy and content which is the key for quality eating experience.

This management style is an art and over time one becomes in tune with it to produce healthy soil and pastures, and animals! No artificial fertilizer or chemicals are applied to the pastures. If you are curious and want to see it in action, be sure to stop by the farm and see it for yourself!

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